Jessie Devine

After interning with Kate Brauning at Entangled Publishing, Jessie joined the D4EO team as an agency intern. He has since been promoted to associate agent. Under the mentorship of the brilliant Pam Victorio, Jessie is just starting to actively build his list with YA and MG titles.

From Jessie:

My favorite fantasy stories are alive in immersive, multi-layered worlds that feel real. They are fresh, breaking away from traditional Western tropes and archetypes. Sci-fi should be narrowly focused for me. I want laser clarity, high technology, and a ticking clock. I like historical that could be described as charming. Settings should be well-researched and powerful. I’m most interested in places and time periods that haven’t been done to death. In contemporary, I’m interested in looking at anything from issue books to fluff pieces as long as the voice is killer. I’m especially interested in contemporary featuring competition as a driving factor.

Things I need across the board:

  • active, morally complex characters
  • a diverse cast of characters
  • high stakes
  • a distinct voice
  • an emotional punch
  • an immersive setting
Things I never want:
  • stories about sexual assault
  • tragic queer characters
  • racist nonsense
Things I always like:
  • forbidden romance
  • sex positivity
  • diversity
Finally, I want books by marginalized creators. I’m interested in stories with characters who are queer, disabled, POC, and/or any combination thereof. Ownvoices is great, but most importantly, I want to represent a diverse group of authors.

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