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Anne Tibbets

Anne Tibbets is a literary agent with the D4EO Literary Agency.

She began her career as a screenwriter, author, and literary agency intern at D4EO, becoming a full-time agent in 2018 at Red Sofa Literary. Anne joined D4EO Literary in 2019.

Anne represents:
Adult and Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy
Adult and Young Adult Thrillers
Adult and Young Adult Horror

No Middle Grade, Chapter, or Picture Books
No Non-Fiction
No Scripts
No Self-Published Works

Query Instructions: 

blog: Will Write for Coffee

Please include: Category and genre (Adult or YA: SFF, Thriller, or Horror), word count, a 1-3 paragraph “pitch,” short author bio, and previously published titles (self-published counts), 10 page writing sample within the body of the email – double spaced, 12 pt-font.

Unrequested attachments will be deleted.

Please allow Anne up to 6 weeks to respond to queries before nudging. Anne reads every query.

If you don’t hear back from her in 6 weeks, please nudge. 4 – 6 weeks to respond to partial requests. 6 – 8 weeks to respond to full requests.