Anne Tibbets

Anne Tibbets began her career as a screenwriter, author, and literary agency intern at D4EO, becoming a full-time agent in 2018. Anne is best found on Twitter @AnneTibbets and her blog Write For Coffee.


Anne represents:

Adult and Young Adult:
  •  Science Fiction
  •  Fantasy
  •  Thriller
  •  Mystery
  •  Horror
  •  Historical (including Westerns)
  •  Romance

No middle grade, chapter, or picture books
No non-fiction
No scripts
No self-published works
No poetry
No memoir

Query Instructions:

Anne is closed to all queries except those via personal or professional referral - ex. those she knows personally, or has a professional connection to.
Referrals may query here:
Any queries received at this link which are not referrals will be deleted.

Please Include in your Referred Query:
Category and genre, word count, a 1 – 3 paragraph “pitch,” short author bio, and previously published titles (self-published counts), 10-page writing sample within the body of the form, starting at Chapter 1.
Unrequested attachments will be deleted.
Please allow Anne up to 6 weeks to respond to referred queries before nudging.
Please allow 10 – 12 weeks to respond to partial and full submissions requests.