Megan Manzano

Megan fell in love with reading and writing from a young age. She grew up to receive a BA in
English with a minor in philosophy; eager to stay as close to books as possible. She has and
continues to wear many hats in the publishing world: freelance editor, writer, a marketer for
Trade books, Pitchwars 2018 mentor, and now an Agent at D4EO Literary Agency. In her spare
time, she’s either traveling, hiking, or binge-watching television shows.

She is on the hunt for middle grade, young adult, and adult literary fiction that burrow into her mind and don’t let go. She loves stories with a strong voice, unforgettable characters, and a plot that keeps her flipping from page to page, eager to find out what’s next.

For a more in-depth look at what Megan is looking for, please visit her MSWL page.

Twitter: @Megan_Manzano
Blog: Written Infinities

How to Query:
Please send your query, synopsis, and first five pages to the following: