Bob Diforio

Bob Diforio spent 17 years at New American Library [Dutton / Penguin USA] in positions ranging from VP Sales to President and Publisher, Chairman and CEO. There he helped launch the paperback careers of Erica Jong, Robin Cook, Stephen King, Ken Follett, and Robert K. Tanenbaum. 

With Odyssey Partners, he led the management team of NAL in a leveraged buy out of the company from Times Mirror in 1982, purchased E. P. Dutton a year later, and sold the combined company to Pearson PLC in 1986, which merged the company with Viking Penguin to create Penguin USA. 

Leaving NAL three years later, he opened D4EO Literary Agency in late 1989.

twitter: @d4eo

Seeking: I prefer to see recommendations from clients and writers with previously published works.
  • Email or snail mail submissions 
  • non-fiction: attach proposal and/or Table of Contents along with sample chapters in .doc, .docx, .rtf or .pdf format, double spaced 
  • fiction: attach sample chapters in .doc, .docx, .rtf or .pdf format, double spaced 
  • include a SASE with mailed submissions 
Please note: If Bob is interested in your work, submitted by e-mail, he will respond to you. Given the number of submissions received on a daily basis, he does not respond if he concludes your work is not for him.

For a representative list of the clients Bob works with, click here.


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