Agents & Submissions

Who are the agents at D4EO? 

D4EO's principal agent, Robert G. Diforio, is based in Lakewood Ranch, FL, after decades in CT, with seven associate agents around the world. It is recommended that writers work through every profile, as the agency represents a diverse array of fiction and non-fiction, including picture books, middle grade (MG), young adult (YA), through the full range of adult literary, commercial, and genre fiction.

The core staff includes the following agents:

How do I query a D4EO agent? 

See the submission guidelines, per agent, by clicking to their profile above. Submission instructions are specific to every individual agent.

Can I query another agent at the agency if one has passed? 

A no from one agent usually means a no from the agency. Our agents work closely and will pass along a manuscript they feel is better suited for another agent. However, if you query one and receive a query rejection, you may choose to query another agent at the query level only.

Can I query two agents at the agency simultaneously? 

No. Please do your research and pick the one agent who you feel would best suit your interests.